English-Medium Master's Program of Materials Science and Engineering (Offer Scholarship)
2015-04-22 15:18:23

1. Objectives

The Master of Materials Science and Engineering Program (MSE) is offered by the School of Materials Science and Engineering, which provides the students with advanced knowledge, technical skills, and various training in the field of materials science and engineering. With the skillful technology of materials engineering and expertise in state of the art laboratory and equipment operating, the students would be knowledgeable in the research and study of materials, material processing, testing and analyzing abilities etc. This program aims at cultivating professional researchers and scientists who can stand out in the world-wide materials science related fields. Students should be innovative and creative enough to contribute and achieve valuable scientific results in Materials Science and Engineering.

2. Length of Study

The full-time scheme lasts for two years, consisting of four academic semesters.

3. Scholarship

The Scholarship is offered to excellent international students for 2 years.

First GradeScholarship is available for 15 students. Those who are awarded the first Grade Scholarship willbe exempted from the tuitionand offered living allowance---RMB 1700/month.

Second GradeScholarship is also available for 15 students. Those who are awarded the Second Grade Scholarship willbe exempted from the tuition.

4. Program Description


All courses in the MSE program will be taught in English, except “Comprehensive Chinese” and “The Outline of China”. Courses will be delivered through classes, lectures, discussions, and case study or research projects. Courses of this program include Introduction to Solid State Physics, Fracture and Fatigue of Materials, Introduction to Nanomaterials, Novel Functional Materials, Progress in Materials Science and Engineering, Progress in Material Physics and Chemistry, Preparation Method for Ceramic Materials, Welding of Advanced Materials, Metallic Material Solidification, Film and Surface Analysis etc.


In order to obtain the master’s degree of MSE, students are required to finish a master’s thesis under the guidance of supervisors. The thesis should be based on an individual or group research project in which each student will play a defined role and take corresponding responsibility. The project-oriented thesis writing enables the students to combine course study with practical experience and to develop their comprehensive capabilities in engineering.


49 credits will be required in this program, including course study credits, activities credits (such as attending seminars), and the thesis credits.

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