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西安交通大学将赴英国招募高层次人才热忱欢迎您的到来 Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Talents Recruitment Fairs

Date 2018-03-02 by Xiaoting Liu

From Xi'an Jiaotong University WeChat Official Account




From March 1 to March 5, 2018, an official delegation of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) led by Vice-president Rong Mingzhe will visit Cambridge, Coventry, Oxford and other places to recruit high-level talents. The director of the Human Resources Department and deans of all schools of XJTU will join the delegation. We’d accept applications for working at XJTU as awardees of various leading talents programs such as Thousand Talents Plan, Changjiang Scholars Programme, Top-notch Talents Support Program (Youth), or working as a youth backbone teacher or research-only researcher. XJTU eagerly welcomes graduates from British universities with excellent performance, and would be honored to offer a platform for you to make your dream of success come true here, at the starting point of the Silk Road!


Schedule and Events


西安交通大学 剑桥大学招聘会

Talents Recruitment Fair at the University of Cambridge

Date Friday,2 March, 2018

Time 14:00-17:00

Venue LR3 Department of Engineering, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ


西安交通大学 华威大学招聘会

Talents Recruitment Fair at the University of Warwick

Date  Saturday,3 March, 2018

Time  10:00-15:00

Venue  The Oculus, University Road, University of Warwick,Coventry, CV4 7AL


西安交通大学 人才招聘宣讲冷餐会

XJTU Talents Recruitment Fair

Date Saturday,3 March, 2018

Time 17:00-19:00

Venue  MACDONALD RANDOLPH HOTEL Beaumont Street, Oxford , OX1 2LN


西安交通大学  牛津大学招聘会

Talents Recruitment Fair at the Oxford University

Date  Sunday,4 March, 2018

Time  11:00-14:00

Venue  St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, OX14AR

说明  Notes

1. 3月3日在牛津举行的西安交通大学人才招聘宣讲会将以冷餐会形式举行,学校为参会者报销英国境内往返交通费(请参会者备好相关票据),欢迎留英学子积极参加;

XJTU Talents Recruitment Fair will be held in the form of a buffet reception, and XJTU  will reimburse the participants for transportation tickets within the United Kingdom coming to and from the location where the fair is held (please provide the relevant receipts );

2. 在英期间,代表团随时欢迎个性化咨询与洽谈,敬请大家关注代表团的行程。

During the time in UK, the delegation welcomes consultations, and those who are interested please pay attention to the delegation's schedule.


In order to build a high-quality teaching and research staff in accordance with the goal of building XJTU into a world first-class university, XJTU has established a talent support system that corresponds with various national support plans for talents, including a clear and interconnected road map for talent development, a mechanism for boosting the vitality of talents, a high-level career development platform with a high starting point, a good condition for starting work, good welfare and benefits and a well-established service system. XJTU sincerely look forward to talents at home and abroad working at XJTU.

XJTU welcomes all talents to work at XJTU for higher salaries, lower housing prices, more national research projects, and better international platforms.

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