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【Academic Report】2017.10.20

Date 2017-10-20 by Xiaoting Liu

Invited Speaker: Dr. Eliot Gann, Post-doctoral Researcher, National Synchrotron Light Source II, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Time: 10:10-12:00 am, Oct.20th,2017

Location:  New MSE Building, No. 01 Meeting Room

【Title】: Multimodal Synchrotron-based Investigation of the Morphology of  Semiconducting Organic Systems


Semiconducting organic materials such as polymers are components of a multitude of important current and next generation technologies, in fields from solar cells and energy storage to wearable technologies.  The power of such devices comes from their ability to self-organize, enabling considerably cheaper and scalable bottom-up manufacturing processes.  However, because the organization is not imposed, precise understanding of the processes involved and so paths to improved performance remain mysterious.  Often the relevant morphological features are too small (on the nanometer scale) for traditional optical techniques, too easily damaged for electrons, and the devices are too thin and weakly interacting for traditional X-ray and neutron probes.  I will present a multimodal approach to the problem, using resonant X-ray scattering and microscopy, surface probe techniques, and thin-film grazing-incidence scattering along with device physics to piece together a more complete picture of how nano-scale interactions and arrangements lead to system performance.

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